EaseClouds Virtual File System

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Cloud-based completed virtual file system, there are no file will be downloaded when users or applications browse the folders, only the file list of the directory will be downloaded. Accessing the cloud file is fast and easy, is transparent to the users and applications, no modification needed, just like accessing the local files.

Automated and Transparent Cloud Migration, move your current business to the cloud without affecting your existing application and network infrastructure, no change to your local active directory configuration, no change to the file directory structures, no change to the IP address and DNS entries. Make the non cloud application to be cloud enabled without any change.


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EaseClouds Connect

Automated integration with different cloud providers, different cloud providers often provide different APIs for the connection, it is not easy for the applications to make the change to adapt the cloud services. EaseClouds Connect lets you connect to the different cloud storages at rest, no API was involed in your application

Client-Side Encryption is supported, support AES 256 bit encryption in client-side. It can encrypt the file before it was uploaded to the cloud storage and decrypt the file after it was downloaded from the cloud. The communication is safe to transfer the encrypted files between the cloud providers and the local computer.

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Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solution

Seamlessly integrate your existing applications to the cloud environment, with active-active cluster systems, you can distribute your load balance to all the active nodes which present the same views to the users.You can expand your local storage to the cloud storage automatically, your applications don't need to worry about the space any more, they can have the unlimited storage.

Zero downtime for the disaster recovery, automatically fail over the local storage to the cloud storage if disaster strikes, your business won't be interrupted. Retrieve back the files from cloud storage is very fast, only the applications requested data will be downloaded.

Continuous data protection, automatically synchronize the local files to the cloud server in real-time, no downtime, no extra cost. Data protection is simple, reliable and economical.

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EaseClouds provides a complete,rapid, reliable and economical cloud disaster recovery solution:

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